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Kaare Klint

A pair of ‘Mix’ easy chairs

The ‘Mix Chair’ was designed by Kaare Klint in collaboration with Edvard Kindt Larsen in 1930, when Klint was teaching at The Royal Academy and Edvard Kindt Larsen was student.

One chair labeled by Cabinetmaker Rud. Rasmussen and one chair with residue from label

Literature: Gorm Harkær ‘Kaare Klint’, Klintiana, 2010, Volume 1, pp. 361-362.

  • W: 66 cm
  • H: 78 cm
  • D: 82 cm
  • Seat: 40 cm

Materials: Solid Cuban mahogany base, upholstered with original niger leather and brass nails

Manufacturer: Rud. Rasmussen

Quantity available: 2

Ref. no: 3024