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Mogens Koch

Rare partners desk

Designed 1935 and presented at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1938.

Literature: Grete Jalk: ‘Dansk Møbelkunst Gennem 40 aar’, Volume 2: 1937-1946, ill. and described pp. 54-57.

Arne Karlsen: ‘Danish Furniture Design in the 20th Century’ Volume 2, Christian Ejlers forlag 2007, ill. and described pp. 30.

  • W: 188 cm
  • H: 75 cm
  • D: 95 cm

Materials: Solid oak frame with shoes in nicle-plated brass, top covered with natural leather

Manufacturer: N. C. Jensen Kjær

Quantity available: 1

Ref. no: 3198