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Kaare Klint

A ‘Propeller’ stool

The Propeller stool was originally designed in 1930 and the drawing was made by one of Klint’s students at The Royal Academy. It didn’t go into production during Klint’s lifetime. The first prototype was made in 1956 and it was produced by Rud. Rasmussen from 1962

Model no. 8783

Literature: Gorm Harkær ‘Kaare Klint’, Klintiana, 2010, Volume two, p. 90

  • W: 56 cm
  • H: 45 cm
  • D: 49 cm

Materials: Solid ash frame with seat in leather and brass fittings

Manufacturer: Rud. Rasmussen

Quantity available: 1

Ref. no: 3171