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November 1, 2018


In 1954 the Danish architect Svenn Eske Kristensen (1905 – 2000) completed the country house he had designed for himself and his family. It was named Esken (the Box), the architect’s middle name Eske is pronounced as the Danish word for box (æske).

The country house is a significant work by Svenn Eske Kristensen. It combines several of the pursuits the idealistic architect had. He was trained as a carpenter and the meticulous wood work in the house is sublime and very functional. Eske Kristensen was a pioneer in the field of architecture, working and experimenting with new materials. He persistently worked for better home and living quality.


Esken was situated by a small lake and the cubistic exterior was sculpted by a large white painted brick chimney and a garage attached to the main building but slightly angled from it.

The interior is practical and refers to the simple life on a boat. The house was meant to be a place for family and friends could interact in social activities. Alcoves and benches mark spaces for peace and contemplation. The stairs and columns are decorated with rope. The large dining table could seat the many guests and the practical linoleum table top made it easy to clean after dinner.

The lighting was designed by Eske Kristensen too. The wall mounted light fixtures are simple and elegant. The light is cast both up- and downwards and they are mounted discretely into the pine cladded walls. The cone shape marks a contrast to the very stringent architecture and softens the interior. The country house is a gesamtkunstwerk by Eske Kristensen and a signature of his oeuvre.