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The Septima

November 10, 2018

Throughout his career as a lighting designer Poul Henningsen (1894 – 1967 ) worked on perfecting the system of interacting shades he had begun in the early 1920’s. Henningsen developed an inter-corresponding system of lamp shades hiding the direct light and directing the light in the direction right for the specific purpose. The shades were made in glass or metal in different colors – again regarding the purpose of the light; whether it was for lighting up the space, reading or working.


The Septima light fixture was designed 1927 and is a sublime version of this meticulous investigation into the possibilities of electric lighting. The pendant has partly frosted glass shades placed in the specific order to hide and direct the light from the glaring bulb. The Septima is a combination of the later patented shading system and Henningsen’s geometrical inspiration.
A version of the Septima is displayed as part of a curated selection of Nordic design in our booth at The Salon: Art and Design this week at The Park Avenue Armory, New York.