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Finn Juhl / Egyptian chair

October 5, 2015

Danish architect and furniture designer Finn Juhl often found his inspiration in contemporary art, but he was also inspired by the refined Egyptian furniture known especially from the grave of Tutankhamen. According to Juhl it was at the Louvre he first saw a well-preserved Egyptian chair that inspired him to do the characteristic side of the present chair: A triangle  formed by the vertical back legs, the frame that holds the diagonal back and the rail between the front and back legs. The result is a simple, elegant and sturdy construction that gives the chair a visual lightness and sophisticated sculptural quality. Juhl wanted his furniture to be able to stand freely in the room – for the structures to be seen from all sides – and his Egyptian chair is a refined example of his sculpturing approach, beautiful from all angles. Juhl used the chair in his own dining room together with the Judas table.  The present examples are in rosewood with original black leather and beautifully executed by master cabinetmaker Niels Vodder.