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Close to nature

September 20, 2018

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Aarhus City Hall was designed in collaboration between the two Danish architects Erik Møller and Arne Jacobsen. It was inaugurated in 1941 and stands as a landmark of Danish Modernism; the subtle version of Functionalism. Thus, the building from the outside looks majestic the interior is warming and welcoming. The design of the furniture for the city hall was done by Hans J Wegner. He had previously worked with Erik Møller designing the interior for Nyborg Library. Aarhus City Hall was the result of a close alliance between the three architects and the building and the interior continue to inspire. The meticulous selection of material, the quality of the furniture, design and decoration as well as the art, the mural was made by the Danish artist Thorvald Hagedorn-Olsen, have a close relation with the surrounding park and nature. The building opens to the park and the city around it and the corridors and large spaces give you time to be part of this. You feel part of the community as well as part of nature, which in that period was one of the desired goals for the Danish architects and in Aarhus City Hall achieved to perfection.

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