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Børge Mogensen / Table

July 30, 2015

Børge Mogensen started his career as a cabinetmaker in 1934. In 1936 he went on to study at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts and in 1942 he graduated as an architect from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. During his time of study the young Børge Mogensen developed a close partnership with his professor Kaare Klint and subsequently also assumed Klint’s approach to simple and functional furniture design. Around 1950, however, he abandoned the stringent formalism for a while and began experimenting with unconventional 2485_BM (7)constructions and new materials.

The present table belongs to this period, unusual and sculptural in its form. The table is a smaller version of the eight-legged table, Mogensen designed for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1949. The tabletop is extraordinary and rare; a piece of Vavona veneer cut from the cross grain knot of a giant sequoia. The unsymmetrical outline was determined by the natural shape of this impressive sheet of veneer, which Mogensen placed on a supporting element consisting of three sections of two-legged frames. With pointed legs the stability of the table is ensured by the triangles formed by the table top and the legs that split where they meet the top. Together with the unsymmetrical lines the pointed legs create a vibrant look and the table is undoubtedly one of Mogensen’s most expressive designs.

Børge Mogensen, Table (HR)