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September 14, 2018

The book store on the website is where you can buy our books and catalogues.

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Dansk Møbelkunst works to expand the appreciation of important Nordic furniture through publications and exhibitions. Since 1999 we have mounted exhibitions and produced illustrated catalogues on the work of among others Kaare Klint + Poul Kjærholm (2009), Hans J. Wegner (2007), Poul Henningsen (2004), Arne Jacobsen (2002) and Danish cabinetmakers furniture (2005, 2000, 1999). The latest published catalogues have been dedicated to selected collections, showing Nordic design pieces with different focus and in interiors.

20th century Nordic design is often described in terms of timelessness. It possesses an ageless beauty and quality that continue to arouse our admiration and fit into our contemporary lifestyle. Yet, the pieces came out of a very time-specific cultural movement, an era that has manifested itself in history.

The golden age of Nordic design was characterized by a commitment to quality that remains unequalled. Cultivating a subtle intersection of tradition and modernity, the leading designers and craftsmen of this period emphasized high-quality workmanship, a profound sense of materials and the well-being of the user. They introduced a modern idiom focused on function, comfort and clear constructions; a material and practical beauty connecting art and everyday life.

The gallery was the co-publisher for the English-language edition of Arne Karlsen’s 2-volume work, Danish Furniture Design in the 20th Century, originally published in 1990 and the definitive reference on the subject. The book set covers the entire period, from the foundations laid by the “Klint School” in the 1920’s, through the “golden age” in the middle of the century which established so many of the great Danish furniture designers, and the legacy they left behind.

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