Dansk Møbelkunst gallery specializes in rare, original works of Danish furniture that were created during 1920-70, when a circle of craftsmen, architects and designers erased the distinction between works of art and functional equipment for everyday life. Established by Ole Høstbo in 1992, Dansk Møbelkunst takes its name from the Danish word for Furniture Art, a term that is rooted in the handicraft tradition and signifies a synthesis of aesthetics, utility and craftsmanship. During the twentieth century, møbelkunst evolved from the reproduction of historical styles to the creation of truly modern furniture that relied on beautiful materials, rather than applied decoration, and finely-crafted details for its aesthetic value. The gallery's expertise encompasses both handcrafted masterpieces and iconic works of industrial design.


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  Knarken (The old Fogey) is the name of Arne Jacobsen’s own summerhouse which was finished 1938. The house is located in Odsherred on a large sloping ground, in the middle of the unspoiled nature with views to the see. Jacobsen planted pines, which have grown significantly since and he went hunting on the grounds […]

                                The rugs by Swedish textile artist Barbro Nilsson are often characterized by her strong sense of colours that she used in a picturesque way to create depth, contrast or interplay of different tonalities. She lived by the seaside and […]

Exhibitions in Copenhagen
Thursday to Saturday this week we are taking part in the Northmodern show in Copenhagen. Showing a collection of chairs, celebrating A Century of Danish Chairs.                             Next week CHART will expand and we are part of the design section at Charlottenborg. […]

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